Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snapshot: January

I'm not good at working on Thursdays. Maybe I'm too excited for Friday? I don't know, but Thursday tends to be my least productive day of the week. And instead of fighting it, I'm embracing it (which I can, because I usually make up for it by working on the weekends). Thursday is now "get inspired" day, to be filled with reading and workshop videos, blogs, pinterest, and new things to think about.

And on top of it, it's the last day of January. Which means looking back to see what happened this month. I'm kind of nostalgic by nature, and I believe in celebrating successes, but's what's a party without people to share it with? And hopefully something that I found this month will inspire you and give you something new to explore and get excited about. It's always better to share great things so that we can all enjoy them!

What I did: Made gifts for last year's clients, went on a hike, cleaned out my email, started a business plan (and subsequently abandoned it because organizing all of my 100+ goals was too daunting...I need a goal intervention), started systemizing some of my workflow and researched a lot of productivity apps, got all of my client questionnaires on my website, put myself on a blogging schedule (we're still working on sticking to it, but it's getting better!), booked a lot of travel for the end of February and March (so excited about this - I'll be visiting Illinois, NYC, Nashville, and Atlanta, and always love to see old and new friends), put together a completely DIY styled shoot...that will be on the blog tomorrow :0) Oh yeah, and Ben and I finally (after signing a contract in October) purchased our condo, making us officially homeowners!

Goals accomplished: Feeling really good about off-camera flash, after using it for the styled shoot. Can't wait to bring it to weddings this year!

What I read: The Fault in our Stars...probably one of my favorite books ever. And I am working through the stack below. I have made a personal commitment to attending a workshop twice a year, but this year, I really, really, really want to do a big one, that requires travel (read: expensive), so I'm saving money during the first half of the year by participating in an online workshop and expanding my business library. Right now I'm in the middle of The War of Art (I know, am SO late to that party)'s a lot to digest, but oh-so-thought-provoking.

What I loved: // Kid President...I'm pretty sure everyone posted it to Facebook, but it put the biggest smile on my face, and if you haven't seen it yet, go do it now, seriously // This Isn't Happiness...a great tumblr that has a lot of inspiring stuff, all kinds of art. I could easily spend an entire day there // Glee coming back made my month // And...I got a sneak peek of the new Sitehouse designs from Promise Tangeman Creative that rocked my world (you can see them on Monday if you go sign up for her newsletter) // Also, gold and black is my latest obsession and I think I'm going to cover my kitchen in it, now that I own my walls and can finally paint them!

What I'm working on: Scared to say this, because then I actually have to do it, but...after seeing the new Sitehouse designs, I've decided to redo my website. It's time...I feel like I've come a long way with my photography and branding from where I was when I created my website last summer. I'm also going to start a 30 day video project it with me! And, as always, looking for new DIY projects for my house and to share (I pinned a bunch here, we'll see which ones end up working ;0).

What I watched: Sheep LED art...yes, really. This just proves that you can make art out of anything. Easy A...late to the party again...which officially established Emma Stone as my new celebrity crush. And this amazing documentary...absolutely life changing, there are no better words.

Favorite Cat Picture of the Month: yes, this is a gratuitous category, but still. See below.

Who I added to my Google Reader: Breanna Rose - love her modern, minimalist, vibrancy // Ben Sasso - fun, bright, film photographer // Ann Street Studio - fashion, edgy, editorial photography duo (this month they did an amazing photo tour of heart is pulling me back there now)

What did you do // what did you love // what are your latest obsessions // in January? Leave them in the comments below!

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