Hi! Welcome to my blog!

I'm Anna. I'm obsessed with my cats, DIY, and chocolate.

I'm based out of Annapolis, MD. I heart my city.

I love to travel.

I have a husband and two cats and am the only female in my house (for now), but I wouldn't trade my boys for anything.

I love colors...and my favorite color is all of them.

I started my photography journey in Italy, during a semester abroad.

I have a degree in music and a degree in event management. I wanted to be a music teacher, a wedding planner, a magazine editor, and an interior designer before I followed my passion for photography. I still love all of those things.

Every time I take a photo, I try to make it imaginative, authentic, and/or cheerful.

I majorly love DIY weddings.

I share a lot of myself on my blog. Here are my stories.

You can find me on Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest - I love new friends!


P.S. Here are 25 random things about me. Feel free to make fun of any or all of them...I like to laugh, even at myself ;o).