Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Goals

I love watching people come into their own.

Finding their style.

Following their passion.

Making a change to design a better life.

I think we all have a tortured artist somewhere inside of us, that part of ourselves that is always searching for something greater, something more. Some of us have it in excess – I swear this is what is at fault for my perfectionistic tendencies, which are often more of a burden than a blessing because the truth is that Marilyn knew what she was talking about. Imperfection is beauty. It’s just hard for me to see it that way right now.

But this isn’t about focusing on imperfections – it’s about the desire to continue to improve, to be better. Better at my craft, better at business, better at being happy. And god knows, right now, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time, so I’d like to keep trending that direction. Thankyouverymuch.

So, in order to continue to improve, I’ve got some goals. And they say that people who write down their goals are some percentage more likely to make them happen. (Did you know that 23% of all percentages are made up on the spot? Yeah, I knew that too.) I don’t want to just write them down and keep them hidden away in my journal, I’d rather share them and say out loud…this is where I want to go this year.

2013 Goals:

// Go to a photography workshop

I’ve been dying to do this for several years now. Last year I went to the Sitehouse Go Live Workshop and got so much out of it…not just a new website and an education in Showit, the software used to build it (more on that coming soon!), but I made a bundle of new friends who I still keep in touch with via the awesomeness of social media (definitely the best part...I love following these girls and keeping up with how they continue to grow and improve). Now it’s time to do a workshop that will help me continue to grow as a photographer…but which one? Feel free to share if you went to one that you highly recommend, that really made a difference in your work…I’d love to hear more about it!

// Master off-camera flash

Most of my portrait sessions take place using outdoor natural light (aka the light from the sun), but not too many people have their wedding reception in those conditions. When I went to the Flashbus Tour stop in DC two years ago, I learned all of the theory behind lighting with flashes that are not attached to the camera, but at the time, I had just purchased my very first (single) speedlight (aka flash) and didn’t have a good way to practice the multiple-light techniques they taught that day. That was also at a time where I was trying to save every penny for gear purchases, and just this past year I finally bought another flash, so it’s time to put the knowledge to good use! I’ve practiced a little around my house (I mean, on my pets)…and can’t wait to really dig in and get this down!

// Get published

I love wedding blogs as much as the next girl, even though I’m already married. Yes, I still look at them to see what’s trending in the wedding world and to get photo inspiration too. In so many ways, this is my “I’m really a photographer” goal – the one that if I can make it happen, will make me feel legitimized. We all have those things, the goals if we accomplish them make us feel like we/or work are worth something, and this is that goal for me. Even though being published once is not the end of the road, I just want to make photographs that are worthy of blogs and magazines.

// Make new friends

This is my open casting call for friends. And of course I’m terrified that it’s going to come off as desperate, but at the same time I think it’s worth sharing, because maybe you are looking for a new friend too? If so, holla! I love working from home. I love working with my husband. But at some point we are going to get sick of each other (hasn’t happened yet, on my end…) and I also like to have girls’ nights for those times where watching another weird sci-fi/action/thriller movie is just not going to cut it (ugh, I so don’t want to admit it, but I love me some romantic comedies and musicals. As much as I don’t want to love them because they are predictable. But I also love weddings, so who am I kidding anyway?). So I’m going to work at getting out there and finding some peeps. And maybe some friends who love weddings and photography as much as I do…that would be cool too.

So there you have it, my “resolutions” of sorts. And if you feel like it…put yours out there too…and we can cheer each other on. 

Oh, and here are two fun pictures from the "office" today…I love my crazy coworkers. (ha…they do a lot of sleeping on the job. Must be nice.)

Hold me to it...this is gonna happen!


  1. I've only been to one, and it was hosted by a photographer named Joy Harmon Prouty, and her photography business is called Wildflowers Photography. Her work is great if you check it out. She truly is one of a kind. Plus, she is the sweetest soul you'll ever meet. The workshop was a great learning experience for me -- I learned what I was really passionate about shooting and not. However, it's all about figuring out which photography workshop is for you. ;) Not sure if this helps at all.

    I, too, am looking to attend another workshop. But I want to go back to film and there are a couple that I'm looking at. However, it's all about what I can afford.

    Here's to 2013, friend! :D

    1. that is so good to know! I will definitely check it out. I'm leaning towards something that also looks at branding/business too...i've even thought of doing a blogging workshop. So many ideas...

      The lady who sold me my wedding dress used A Bryan Photo as her wedding photographer and he does a film workshop...he's in Birmingham, AL, and the cost is semi high but not as high as Jose Villa, which would be a dream, but super pricey! If you decide you want to go, I might just decide to join you. I also have a friend in Birmingham, and she might be willing to let us have a sleepover there. Just throwing it out!

      And thank you for all of your sweet comments...they mean a lot. Probably more than you realize. Hugs!