Friday, February 1, 2013

A DIY Valentine's Day

Ben and I are homebodies. Perfect date night is staying in with carryout and snuggling up to watch a movie with the furry children. But...sometimes, a special occasion calls for a little more thought and whimsy. With Valentine's day coming up, I wanted to reimagine what a romantic night in could look like...

A throwback to childhood, indoor camping with candlelight music.

Twinkling lights for when the dreary clouds obscure the stars.

The warmest, richest drink after days of gray and snow.

Swirls of cream cheese frosting atop decadent red cake.

And a toast of something bubbly to enjoy amongst the softest blankets and pillows.

A love note...accented with sparkles.

And a cat curled up, ready to join in the snuggle party. (For the record, he performed a very stealthy photo bomb here...had no idea he was even in the picture, until I looked at it on the back of the camera. But that's just Aslan, always looking for his next photo op :0)

Welcome to February and have a happy weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Anna, this is so lovely! Love, love, love the set up. Would love to do this. Now, I just need a man. Ha!