Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things I Heart

I have a confession: I suffer from shiny ball syndrome.

Ben diagnosed it a few years ago after shopping with me. We would be headed one direction, on a mission, and I would spontaneously veer off in another without prior notice if I saw something out of the corner of my eye that was sparkly...or yellow...or cute...or shiny.

What can I say? I'm easily distracted. And attracted, I guess.

I've decided this syndrome of adoring shiny, sparkly things is the reason why I stare at my new ring when I drive. Let's not talk about the number of unintentional lane-switching-without-an-indicator situations I have ended up in on the highway over the past week and a half (don't worry, Mom, it's just a joke!). Driving in the morning is the best because the sun streams through the window and sends these little particles of light all over the roof of my car...

this week's hearts go out to...

* Dawn dishwashing detergent + hot water + cookie monster kid's toothbrush. Thanks to my mom for telling me how to keep my ring pretty and sparkly, just like the day I got it!

*Victoria's Secret Sale! Because I prefer to buy new instead of wash old...

*Yoga. This is my secret to staying fabulous. Clears my mind and makes my body feel beautiful - after I untangle myself from the poses.

*Wedding magazines. My guilty pleasure. Except maybe not so much anymore. I do have a few weddings to plan :o)

*Weddings in general. The moments of sheer beauty and love make me tear up and get warm fuzzies inside.

And here's a picture from the wedding I attended last weekend. Lauren and John's smiles prove my point.

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