Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Remembering the Details

My favorite thing about my new fiancee...

Side note: I have been trying to avoid that word for the past week. Not because I don't appreciate the meaning of it...believe me, I love having one, and being one. But because the word itself sounds like I have something stuck up my nose. Which makes me think of boogers. And although that's a funny word, it's not something I like associating with the one I'm going to marry. So generally, that's how I now refer to Ben. As "That Person I'm Going To Marry."

Back to the story behind these pictures.

My favorite thing about Ben is that he encourages me to follow my passions. Mostly meaning photography, but there are other things too. But my point today is photography. Last Sunday, before we went on our five mile walk that didn't end in anything spectacular, he encouraged me to bring along my camera.

The funny part about it was that he was going try to propose in a photograph. How cute is that?

The other funny part is that it required my trusty digital camera in order to pull it off. But what did I reach for? My film camera, because it is sadly gathering dust lately. I thought it would be a good opportunity to break it out.

As I reached for it, he asked why I was bringing that one. I said because I wanted to. It says a lot about his ability to hold it together that he managed to convince me to bring along my digital without me suspecting anything.

It was one of those details that I didn't realize until the entire story unfolded.

These are the pictures that I snapped that day. And I'm glad that I did, even if they're not the best pictures I've ever taken, because now they are a special part of one of my favorite stories.

P.S. When I was five I had one of these...and I'm pretty sure that when my best friend and I dressed up like brides, I wore this as my headpiece, instead of a veil. I'm pretty sure I will not be doing that at my real wedding.

Happy Tuesday!

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