Monday, March 21, 2011

iPhone Photo Monday: Tourist

Most weekends, we are terribly boring. But a change of pace was necessary, so we took off our sweats, put on some real pants, and took a trip into DC to see the National Gallery of Art.

I took my real cameras along, but also got a few with my phone, knowing that I'd want a quick post for today. Not really sure why I was compelled to have three cameras with me, but I guess that's how I show my love for picture-taking. Pretty sure it's starting to border on obsession, which I discovered as I was turning down the wrong street, holding my phone/camera up to take a picture of some random building, not paying attention to where we were going. I'd probably have gotten lost or hit by a car or kidnapped if it hadn't been for Ben. He's pretty much my helmet, saving me from walking into walls.

So here's some more DC funness, which will probably continue in a few days when I have some time to really look at my "real" camera pictures and post them here. Get ready for some cool art - the kind created by "real" artists, not just little old me.

Blooming trees mean that it's officially spring! Mucho happiness I have about that.

 Ahh...50 East, I found my way home.

Shadow love.

We rock the big sunglasses.

And here's where I admit my most embarrassing flaw. I take too many pictures of myself, especially when I'm bored. And I love photobooths. Pocketbooth app...not the way to work on this kink in my personality.

Probably should have taken more pictures of the cool buildings that all the pretty art calls home, but I forgot. I was too busy taking pictures of myself (looking like a celebrity in the big sunglasses...does that make me my own paparazzi?). My apologies for being so lame...I'll try to be a better tourist next time.

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