Monday, June 3, 2013

Featured // EMMA magazine

I used to be a HUGE, huge fan of Domino magazine. I would sleep in on Saturday mornings in college, and the first Saturday morning after I received the latest issue of Domino was the best - just snuggling in bed, absorbing all of the amazing projects and inspiration found in its pages. To say I was distraught when it went out of publication would be an understatement.

But since those days, a lot of new online shelter publications have popped up, and one that I'm currently obsessed with is EMMA magazine. The girls who created it wanted to do a magazine for "the modern domestic" and they curate some pretty awesome content. So to have photos included in the current issue - I just want you to know I almost died when I found out - is such a complete honor.

It was so much fun working with Jazmine, my wonderful friend and fabulous stylist, on this croquet shoot earlier this spring, and you can see some of the photos from it on page 15! (There's also a super adorable scorecard printable for you to download if you want to play your own game of croquet this summer!)

Happy Monday!

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