Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Natalie and Tim's Best Day Ever

There are not even words to express how much I adore Natalie and Tim.

Natalie and I met halfway across the world, even though we lived practically in the same backyard. We both went to the same college, studied with the same professors, but it wasn't until we both took our very first photography class in Italy that we finally met and became fast friends...and then the family we both needed while we were there. We traveled to so many amazing places together, trekked out into the countryside to take voice lessons from an Italian opera superstar, and spent so many long hours in the film darkroom working on photo projects inspired by our adventures. If I'm totally honest, I don't know how I would have made it through that semester, or really had any fun at all, without Natalie.

After we graduated, Natalie continued to pursue music and headed to New York to play Maria in West Side Story (yes, she is super talented) and then to Illinois to be part of an amazing graduate program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where she was Tim's graduate assistant. After so much persistance from Tim - he asked her out several times while she had a boyfriend, and kept at it until she broke up with the other guy said yes to him - they finally went out on a date. And then many more dates, until he finally proposed, outside their favorite restaurant, surrounded by an a capella group serenading them with their song and their closest friends waiting inside to celebrate with champagne.

To say that I love these two would be a grave understatement. Tim is equally as talented a musician as Natalie, and their passion for their art and their students and making music is magnified because they do it together. Their joy and excitement was palpable during all of the festivities leading up to their big day. And as excited as they were to be marrying each other, they also took so much time to care for those who came to celebrate with them, and never have I felt so at home with a group of such amazing people.

Tim and Natalie -  you better be enjoying your honeymoon/first trip alone together! I hope you are soaking up all of the sun and doing lots of romantic things (and if I know you two, you certainly are!) and enjoying every moment of your time together. I heart you both, and could not be more excited for the amazing things you will do together!

The girls started the day off at Oh Baby! for a little pampering. The day spa opened just for them on a Sunday to provide stunning hair and makeup - now that is excellent service. 

I love Natalie's mom's reaction to the little sneak peek we sent to Tim while Natalie was getting ready. So priceless!

Natalie put so much thought into all of the details for her wedding day - thoughts that started way back when she was in high school and bought this garter on a trip to Ireland with her family.

I don't know why this happens at every wedding, but it does. Tell the guys to put their hands in pockets, and they never pick their own.

Although Natalie and Tim agreed that the first time they saw each other on their wedding day would be as Natalie walked down the aisle, they took a second before the ceremony just to hold hands around a corner. It was such a sweet moment!

With so many jazz musicians and dancers and actors and singers in their wedding party, it seemed only right to get a little jazz hands action going!


I might have to give their wedding the award for best food ever - and I've eaten at a lot of weddings. Two Blokes brought their awesome double-decker bus and cooked up the tastiest dishes for their guests to enjoy. So freaking cool.

Ewing Manor was the perfect backdrop for their twenties-inspired wedding.

Congrats you two! Your day was truly magical :0)

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