Monday, May 6, 2013

Snapshot: April

Okay, so I realize that it is now May, and I didn't recap April. Boo. This has sort of turned into my little work diary, so we're proceeding with April now because I'd hate to miss the opportunity to see the journey this past month - and what a journey it was. Better late than never!

// What I did //

Hello busy season! Okay, so photography officially became my full time job in June of last year, and there are still some things that are new to me…like the three-ish months of the year where you feel like you will never work again and you stress out because you like paychecks and you don't see as much of them. On the East Coast, those months coincide with winter, so it's just a scary season all around. At least now I know? Anyway, once April started, everything changed almost at once and it swept me up and I don't know when it will calm down, although August is looking nice right now. It's good to have a purpose again and people to photograph on a weekly basis - I was running out of things in my home to photograph and the cats can't be on the blog every day, as much as they'd like to be. Specifically, I worked on a lot of weddings as a second shooter and a whole bunch of styled shoots that you'll be seeing on Wednesdays.

// Goals accomplished //

Got to cross off #3 and #9 this month from my list of 26 things to do. I got to work with the lovely Jazmine Turner on our croquet styled shoot and I signed up for and completed a One-on-One With-Intention workshop with Jess Lively. Working with Jess was the most amazing experience and gave me a new direction to take my business. It made me feel more confident and fulfilled, and was the impetus behind my new styled series. You can read my full review of working with Jess right here.

And this was the awesome packet with a beautiful workbook that came in the mail when I did the workshop:

// What I read // 

Back in January, I bought a stack of books and finally in April I got around to reading the last one, the most meaty. But it was a life changer (yeah, along with the With Intention workshop, April was big on epiphanies). Daring Greatly is by the author of this amazing TED talk, and is all about her research on vulnerability. The basic premise is that in order to live a life where we fully experience joy, we have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. But being vulnerable is uncomfortable and hardest when we feel shame, so we put up barriers. A lot of the book is spent deconstructing the barriers - so many of which made me cringe because I felt like it was directed right at some of my very worst habits. My biggest takeaway was the realization that instead of feeling like "I am enough," I constantly gauge my worth through the paradigm of "I'm not doing enough." There are a lot of reasons behind this, but after reading this book, I feel much more self aware of how I get in the way of my own happiness and feel like I finally have the tools to allow myself to healthfully handle stress and welcome joy. I've already purchased additional copies to give to some of my favorite people…it was that good.

// What I loved //

This article about Jenna Lyons. Having a retail background, there were so many things that I found fascinating, and there were even more little nuggets that were applicable for creatives. 

Also, I loved spending more time outdoors and working on some personal projects. And walking downtown on Sunday afternoons with my husband - he's the best.

// What I'm working on //

I finally gave up on the DIY approach to my website. Sadface. Sort of. While doing the workshop, it became really obvious that it was time to move on and get professional help to make my visual online presence match the places I want to take my business. After following several designers via my google reader, I knew who my dream designer would be and thankfully she agreed to take on my project. I have to be all secretive about it now, but…hopefully mid/late June I'll be able to share it all with you! I'm already so excited!

// What I watched //

Thank you Mad Men for returning during wediting season! It helps so much to be able to time travel back to the glorious late sixties while working on wedding images. 

Also, there was this...

// Who I added //

Max Wanger. He's pretty cool.

// Favorite cat photo of the month // 


  1. Omg, I watched that cat video for far too long.