Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Styled. // 02

They always say april showers bring may flowers.

But once you get a taste of spring, the showers seem unwelcome. More gloom after months of snowy winter. So ready for the sun.

And yet, I married a man who loves the rain. Finds the joy in a warm outdoor shower and cloud cover. If he can see it, why couldn't I?

So I found a way. To find cheer and joy and love the rain.

It's all about boots and a bubble umbrella.

And I recognize that this last image is a departure from the rest. But I couldn't help it. She tried to pole dance with the umbrella throughout our rainy day adventure. And frankly, this image makes me laugh. Because it's who she is.

So much thanks to my sister for being awesome and traipsing around with me on a cold wet day. 

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