Friday, April 26, 2013

Second Shooter // 01

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is having the chance to work closely with other wedding photographers by being a second shooter. And yes, that is what we call our photography assistants on a wedding day.

Although I regularly photograph weddings of and on my own, I like to take the time to help out other photographers by assisting them with their weddings because it's fun to hang out with them (trust me, you get to know people really well once you spend at least eight, sometimes intense, hours with them on a regular basis!) and gives me a chance to experiment. I love my clients dearly and will do some out of the box things with them on their wedding days, but I also have a responsibility to provide them the service of getting more traditional photos for them and their families that makes it a little harder to be more experimental. When I second shoot, I'm constantly looking for the angle that the primary photographer is not, so it forces me to see differently and find ways to make a creative photo that is different from what the primary photographer is taking. In other words, I get to make really fun art!

Over the next few months, I'm helping Dani with some of her weddings, and want to share some of my favorites here. These are different from the weddings of my own clients, but no matter the venue, the time, the mood, or any other factor, there is always a cheerful image to be made at a wedding! The wedding below took place a few weeks ago at St. Mary, Star of the Sea and Tabrizi's (an awesome waterside restaurant in Baltimore) and was such an emotional celebration for the sweet bride and her groom. They were both thrilled to be marrying their best friend, and completely basked in the joy of their family and friends - those are the best kind of weddings.

I am looking forward to margaritas this evening...and a gorgeous spring weekend. Do me a favor and do something special this weekend, just for the fun of it.


  1. these are all great shots but the one of the woman holding the drink and throwing her hand up (#7 if I counted right) is absolutely gorgeous! great tone, colors, energy, everything... put that directly into your portfolio!

    1. so glad you liked it! i just updated the images on my website, and that one is definitely there! :0) thanks for reading!