Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dressing Warm for Winter

Every year for Valentine's Day, my mom gives every one of her children socks. Heart-themed socks. I, therefore, have an equal number of pairs of socks with hearts on them as without, and was the lucky recipient of knee socks covered in neon hearts this year. For the first time since kindergarten (which I am surprised to realize was 20 years ago). However, my two favorite celebrities best friends, Taylor Swift and Rachel Berry, regularly sport knee socks, so this is actually a fashion statement. And I think they might actually come in handy.

I am scheduled to fly out to Chicago this weekend for my grandfather's 90th(!) birthday. Our flight has already been cancelled due to snow (don't worry, I'm procrastinating/supposed to be packing right now to hop on an earlier flight), and my iPhone predicts white precipitation for the next three days with highs in the low 30s, which, although frozen tundra to me, is practically tropical to the locals. Thankfully, I will be able to stay toasty in style wearing my new socks. I learned at the beginning of the cold weather season (and then promptly forgot, as soon as I got tired of winter clothes) that if you actually dress properly, the cold weather isn't so bad. So I'll be rocking these awesome stockings as I'm partying it up and enjoying cake, which is of course, the real reason I'm celebrating :0).


  1. Eat so much cake and stay warm!!!!

    1. I so will when I finally get there...second flight cancelled and hopefully heading out tomorrow!

  2. My fingers are crossed for you my friend! At have fun socks to keep you distracted. ;)