Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Grubb Family!

I used to think it was impossible to get teenage girls ready to go. I had no idea that teenage boys were worse:

It's 2:45. Why aren't you dressed?

What should I wear?

The iron broke. How am I supposed to iron my shirt?

I thought we were going to the park.

Okay, let's go to the park.

Why do you have a bucket?

Nose goes.

It's too cold. Can you take these any faster?

Look at the camera.



I never grew up with brothers. I've heard that they get physical, that knocking each other around is just part of the deal. But I wouldn't know. I have to assume that a punch here and there is really a symbol of the brotherly love I know these three share.

Maybe roughing them up a little bit would be the best way to display the adoration I have for them, my might-as-well-be brothers. But I'm just as happy to avoid the inevitable backlash and tell them with words that they are my favorite boys in the whole world.

I'm floored that Adam is leaving high school in June to head off to a world that holds so much promise for him. College visits have been an adventure for him and his parents, and I know he is immensely excited about pursuing lacrosse and engineering. Can't wait to find out where!

As a special treat, we added senior pictures to the annual family holiday photo. And to make it less painful, we included Adam's best friend J.R. and got his senior pictures out of the way too. Having a friend along definitely makes every photo shoot instantly more fun.

Last year's family photos produced some of my favorite family portraits so far (the boys have grown up so much since then...crazy!)...and my most favoritest family BROUGHT IT again this year! I'm dying to see what the next year brings for them and to continue to document their yearly family photo!

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