Friday, November 9, 2012

Victoria + Shaun: An Annapolis Wedding!

So here's the thing...Victoria and Shaun will always have a very special place in my heart. First, because they are just plain fun to be around and it is so obvious how much they care about each other. But even more so because our wedding journeys were so close together - we went through so many of the same emotions and Facebook posts about wedding woes at the same time...commenting on each others' pictures of plans and festivities...I loved watching Vicki's Facebook feed to see her Instagrams of her bridal shower and rehearsal dinner because in every one it was so clear how happy she was to be marrying her best friend and surrounded by those who love her the most.

Vicki and Shaun, I couldn't be happier to be a part of your day! Your guests were so much FUN and you absolutely deserve every wish and happiness that was sent your way. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your beautiful memories!

Their sweet wedding was held at the Annapolis Maritime Museum with beautiful sailboats harbored in the background and surrounded by their loved ones. All of the fall-themed decorations were handmade by a close friend, including the flowers for the bridal party. I LOVE handmade weddings...they are truly a labor of love!

Victoria and Shaun have a son, Ty (he's with them in the picture at the top), who played his own special role in their day as a ring bearer. I swear that cute kids beget cute in point below.

A little getting ready action...

Vicki and Shaun are the type of people that, even if you're not actually related to them, totally make you feel like family. Their bridal party was a true testament to that, as it was filled with family and their closest friends, but you'd never know who was who because Vicki and Shaun spent the night laughing and enjoying everyone's company.

Because it was kind of chilly (and tut, tut, it looked like rain - sorry my jokes are so lame), Vicki and Shaun had their ceremony indoors, underneath a fitting autumn leaf arch.

I know the movies make a really big deal out of the groom's face when the bride is walking down the aisle, but I have to agree this time that that moment really is priceless.

First kiss as husband and wife - there is so much joy in this one!

A few more bride and groom portraits...

Even though it was certainly Vicki's day, she never stopped thinking about everyone else, and especially Ty. All of her friends commented on how wonderful she is as a mother...and I have to agree. I absolutely adore this photo of the two of them...they really have an amazing bond.

This is one of my super sweet.

Of course the day ended with dinner and dancing, with good hearty comfort food provided by Red Hot & Blue. But first, the new Mr. and Mrs. Love had to be announced to their guests! (See, now aren't you glad I didn't mention that earlier? It could have gotten corny up in here pretty fast ;o)

A romantic first dance...

Followed by delicious cupcakes and one of the funniest cake cuttings I've seen.

I'm not sure I'd trust these two to cook together...

It looked like it was going to be nice...but Shaun gave the crowd what they asked for...a thorough smash!

The party ended with the garter and bouquet toss...and Shaun's boys were all about that garter. Guess the girl who caught the bouquet was hot stuff!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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