Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vicki + Shaun: Engaged!

Bars are a great place to make new friends. But if you ask Vicki and Shaun, they can also be a great place to find the love of your life.

Shaun worked at an Irish pub downtown that Vicki and her friends often frequented. They got to know each other, and it soon turned into something more than just a girl hanging out with a guy in a bar. Nights turned into days and weeks and years. Until that one fateful anniversary when Shaun took Vicki to Central Park to propose.

Now, a funny story about the proposal. Shaun wanted to propose on their anniversary in Central Park - those were the two important parts. But the weather didn't get the memo that Shaun had something important planned, and it rained cats and dogs. So he improvised, and ultimately decided to do it on their anniversary, but it would have to be indoors, in their hotel room. Not wanting to lose the romance of Central Park, they rescheduled their trip to the beautiful locale for the following day, where much to Vicki's surprise, Shaun got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife, again, in just the way he originally planned. Luckily for him, she did not rethink her decision!

Vicki and Shaun, you were so fun to photograph! Thank you for being adventurous. I love the way you make faces to make each other laugh, and you wear the biggest smiles when you're around each other. Can't wait for your wedding!!!

So pretty...

It's a good thing engaged couples like to be snuggly. It makes for really sweet pictures!

These right here...definitely my favorites.

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