Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colorful cuties: Jana + Math's Beautiful Family!

I'm pretty sure Jana was the first friend I made in first grade Sunday School.

That feels like hundreds of years ago.

We're not really that old, of course, but it's crazy to think that we've been friends since we were kids and now Jana has a husband and (the cutest!) kids of her own. They are the sweetest family...while it is exhausting having two little ones, there is nothing in the world they enjoy more than spending time with each other.

Something else Jana and I had in common...we went to the same summer camp, and both spent a week with a camp counselor we all knew as Mr. Eric. Everyone wanted him to be their counselor because he was the most fun and was definitely dreamy.  And he made up the best camp songs, usually to well known tunes like the superman theme song and soda jingles...which we would belt loudly at the top of our lungs on the way to activities. Anyway, after we were too old to be campers, Jana spent her summers at the camp being a counselor (an awesome one at that!)...and met Mr. Eric's younger brother, Math. They became fast friends...until it turned into something more. Math, like his older brother, has a quirky sense of humor that is endearing and funny at the same time. Fast forward a few more years, and Jana and Math had their wedding reception at the same camp where they first met that one fateful summer. Not too long after, Lily and Jack made them a family of four.

Lily is now almost two (tomorrow!) and Jack is almost six months. She loves her little brother...and has definitely inherited her parents' sense of adventure!

Lily and Jack have the best smiles...and playing with them puts bigger smiles on Mom and Dad's faces!

Lily only slowed down once the entire time I was with them...and it was an unusual hole in the wall that made her pause to think about what it might be for.

As we were leaving the row, Lily pulled us into an adorable store filled with shoes and fun clothes and a fabulous egg chair. She's only two and she already has great taste...and a thing for shoes.

Jana and Math - thank you for letting me come along on one of your many adventures! Playing with your family reminded me how fun it is to be a kid. And happy 2nd Birthday Lily!

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