Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Romance in the Rain

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of helping 1513 foto with a wedding at Baker Park in Frederick. It was quite rainy, but we found some cozy covered places and heated it up! Such a sweet group of people, happy to celebrate the marriage of a beautiful couple.

The rain made everything all misty and romantic.

After the ceremony, they were happily greeted by their friends, whose smiles definitely brightened the dreary day.

LOVE the rainbow of colors in this picture!

Every bride should get a shot with her best girlfriends.

This cutie was doing his best to stay dry...

At least the bride and groom were well prepared for the rain...they had the BEST orange umbrellas (to go with their wedding colors!) from Ikea.

On top of keeping them dry during pictures, it just added a beautiful pop of color :o)

After a few minutes in the rain, we decided to find something drier and happened upon my favorite red covered bridge!

They took getting cozy pretty seriously in the bridge...;o)

And her bouquet was simply gorgeous! LOVED it.

We found another bridge and had some fun under it...

He definitely knows how to keep her warm in his arms.

But before the fun was over, we had to toss the bouquet!

And then it started to rain rose petals...

One more romantic pose...

And that wraps up wedding Wednesday!

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