Sunday, April 15, 2012

Have you met my BFF Stacy?

Saturday morning, I set my alarm for 5:15 am. Yes, it really was Saturday.

I then proceeded to hit the snooze button too many times and had to shower super fast, pull some wrinkled clothes out of the clean, unfolded pile that was heaped on the dresser because I was too lazy to fold it, and put my makeup on in the car when I arrived at work - definitely not the choicest of places to apply liquid eyeliner. And did I mention that I didn't have time to dry my hair? To hide the fact that I was pretty much wearing black pants with a slightly dressy version of a t-shirt, I threw on a strand of shiny beads that just happened to be in my purse (because I was too lazy to put it for-real away the last time I wore it - is there a pattern here?). I walked into work, hoping for the day to be over already so that I could just put my weary self back to bed, knowing that I looked as haggard as I felt - and I wish that I could say it was from too much fun on Friday night, but sadly, that was not the case.

Certainly not the best of circumstances to be seen by a celebrity fashion star.

You never know, do you? That exactly why a show called What Not to Wear exists in the first place.

Thank God Stacy London didn't take one look at me and decide to make me her next makeover project. Although that is secretly my dream.

Through the amazing kindness of some very sweet mall staffers, I got put in line to meet Stacy, who was right outside my "office," meeting and greeting fans of hers and the show on Saturday afternoon. And she was as fabulous in person as she looks on the tele.

During my wait in line to meet her, the nerves started to creep up - I always get a little starstruck when I meet famous people. Sometimes I can overcome it, other times I end up stammering off something along the lines of "I love you so're so can you sign this for me?" snap picture, hug, game over. How forgettable. I so wish I was cool.

Fortunately, Ben and I are doing engagement pictures next week, so I pulled myself together and decided to pick her brain for a few ideas on what I should wear. And I figured my engaged couples might want to know too.

For one, she really likes dresses in engagement pictures - especially if they're fun. Big prints work well, she told me. I was worried that it might look to formal, but she put me at ease with the idea, saying that it would be feminine and pretty, which is exactly what you want out of engagement pictures, no?

And then of course she asked if Ben appreciated me and was worth looking good for...and I nodded giddily and assured her that he does.

Snap picture, hug. Day made. Winning.

Because I'm also an avid eavesdropper, I was listening in on her conversations with the people ahead of me. To one lady, she spoke of the importance of finding clothes that make you look on the outside like you feel on the inside. When you can go to your closet, open it, and feel excited about its contents, that, she said, is life changing. It opens up a world of possibilities and changes what you think you can do because it allows you to feel fully like yourself.

A little bit fluffy? Maybe. But I tend to agree.

Have a happy week!

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