Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zabelle: Senior Session

Lately the Kardashians have been all over the news (okay, so maybe my daily news source is People.com...don't hate me), and when I met Zabelle on Sunday afternoon, all I could think about is how much she looked like them. She is GORGEOUS!

Fortunately, when I asked her if people told her that she looked like a Kardashian a lot, she said she heard it sometimes, and people normally told her she looked like Khloe. Okay, so it's not just me.

And once I got over all of that, we got to the fun stuff. As a senior in high school, her whole world is about to change. She's considering a career in either fashion or health and nutrition. And she's already done a summer session at FIT, so I think she's well on her way to making a name for herself that someday may be even more well-known than Kardashian.

Zabelle was totally comfortable with us trekking all over downtown Annapolis. After starting at City Dock, we headed down some of the back streets, and came across this blue door. I got all excited, and then even more thrilled when she told me that it happened to be the back door to her dad's restaurant. Score!

Really Zabelle, you have the most beautiful smile...

She really had this modelling thing down!

The campus at St. John's has the most beautiful grounds. Zabelle knew how to work them.

The one on the right is one of my favorites. SO ADORBS!

Of course, the night before we had the time change, so the sun was just streaming perfectly through the trees even though it was still early afternoon.

And because I'm including in every post something that I'm thankful for...

This shoot makes me grateful for photographer friends. Jaclyn from Doxa Photography brought me along for this one, and having never done a senior session before, I learned a ton from her. But even more than that, I love having a network and support system and knowing that there are other photographers out there who are willing to help their peers learn and grow so that as a whole we become a better industry...that is something truly awesome. And Jaclyn is someone who does all of that...and is also a wonderful friend!

Happy Tuesday!

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