Sunday, October 30, 2011

Looking Back: San Diego

October got a little crazy. And in the midst of it all, I realized I never got around to showcasing my awesome travel photography skillz from our trip to San Diego. Which was in September.

It was an awesome trip. My dad moved to San Diego a long time ago, my best friend moved there two years ago, and I had never been. Before this, that is. It was as fabulous as everyone has always said it would be. If Vancouver doesn't pan out, San Diego is a close second on my list of places I'd someday like to live. London is on it too, but I haven't visited yet, so I don't know where it ranks on the list. Maybe next year we can fix that.

So much happened the week that we were there. We spent lots of time with some of our favorite people in the whole world. We went to the aquarium and the beach and on a kayak tour and to Sea World. We ate the most amazing food. And lots of it. My work pants were much tighter than I remembered when I put them on after coming home. I chalked it up to having a good time.

And the best part (which was really the most ridiculous part) was that we went to San Diego after living without power for five days due to Hurricane Irene. Vacation was so welcome. As San Diego is a very temperate land with few storms aka it has no excuse to be without power, EVER, we were looking forward to a week full of the conveniences of modern living. The universe had other ideas. A freak accident at an Arizona power plant knocked out all electricity to the entire southwest corner of the country on our second to last day there. Oh, the irony. And the only reason we could appreciate said irony was because we were rewarded for our trials by the heavenly appearance of my dad's superpowered generator. But I've heard that's what dads are supposed to the day. And, indeed, mine did.

Aside from our urban camping adventure, I made sure to capture images from my favorite experiences. You are being forewarned that it might include an absurd number of pictures of animals. Just saying. Also, I have added a dash of awesome sauce to these pictures, in the form of some editing goodness, so they look a little different than usual. But it captures the sunny warmth of California...just the way I remember.

Have the best week! Here comes the whirlwind...

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