Friday, October 21, 2011

At two. Izzy.

So I'm pretty sure Izzy is the cutest two year old ever.

My favorite thing about playing with her and taking her picture was at the end of our session. After playing out in the wet grass for awhile, we went inside to dry off and do a puzzle. Izzy is so smart. She was able to put every piece of the puzzle in place. And as each piece found its home, Izzy had a celebration. "I did it!" She'd exclaim, throwing her hands up in the air. To her, even the small things bring great joy.

But aside from her awesome puzzle skills, she has the sweetest smile and adorable bright eyes. We had an exciting adventure in the cornfield at the back of her house, and explored all of the wonderful things that fall brings out in nature. And just like most two-year-olds, Izzy's most favorite thing is her mom, who got showered with loads of sweet baby kisses. Mwah!

The walls of corn towered high over her, but amazingly, she never lost her way!

Izzy's got the high fiving down.

Izzy, how old are you?

Blowin' some kisses.

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