Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Calm and the Storm

I am apparently in a phase of heightened productivity. At least, that's what I'm choosing to call it.

I am...

- halfway through a stretch of working 8 days in a row
- most of the way through editing a wedding from this past weekend
- trying to define what I want my business to look like
- teaching myself to design websites
- imagining the decorations for my sister's wedding
- preparing to look at venues for my own wedding
- getting my body ready to start a three week cleanse
- attempting to hit the gym several times a week (to undo the damage of recent vacations)
- celebrating the birthdays of the mothers in my life
- scheduling photo shoots for birthdays and holidays
- thinking about what to buy everyone for Christmas

...and completing all of the other mundane tasks of everyday life.

The other tasks just don't sound as fun. That's why they don't get a list of their own.

And while all of those things bring me great joy, there are moments where I just want to find a place of peace and quiet, to turn off the chatter of voices in my head, to slow the rushing wave of things to do...

and just be.

This is the photo that takes me there.

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