Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brenna + Dane: Engaged!

He loves her. In a big way.

So big, that he had to show it in a big way, in a big space. When he decided to ask her to be his wife, it was, of course, in a baseball field. It only made sense, bringing together the two loves of his life.

Brenna and Dane met in college and are going on to spend the rest of their lives together. And judging by the time I spent with them, it will be a life full of love, hugs, and laughter.

Jaclyn, from Doxa Photography convinced these two to come to Annapolis to do their engagement session, and I am so glad they did. We took them to all the usual spots...and they loved the quaint historic-ness that everyone falls for when they visit this city. We found lots of hidden nooks, perfect for cozy, lovely pictures.

City Dock is the perfect place to look out over the water and contemplate a future life together.

We commandeered a balloon that was tied to a post downtown. It would have been a crime not to grab such a perfectly coordinating accessory!

After a quick outfit change in a souvenir shop (hey, you got to work with what's available!), we made our way up a few side streets.

The annual Fall Festival was taking place, so we decided to wander through.

After an hour of walking around, everyone was a little famished, so we stopped for a quintessential Annapolitan treat - ice cream!

Sitting on City Dock eating ice cream is a fabulous way to spend a relaxing afternoon. I'd do it everyday if I could. They make it look as fun as it is.

And one last shot of that awesome jacket...

Brenna and Dane, thank you for letting me come along to capture this exciting time in your life. I have no doubt your wedding is going to be beautiful!

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