Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding Planning + Things I Heart

I've been asked several times what my ideal wedding would look like if money were not an issue. And if that were the case, I'm pretty sure I would have to throw myself 10 weddings in order to have everything I want. In typical girly-girl fashion, I want it all. Everything sounds fabulous.

But since that's not an option, I've been changing my mind with regards to how this is going to happen as often as I change my underwear (I'll let you figure out how often that is...wouldn't want to gross anyone out...I kid, people, I kid. Simmer down now).

At first we were going to have a very small, intimate ceremony and dinner followed by a big party for everyone - friends and extended family - the next day, with video footage of the ceremony for everyone to enjoy. But then that felt too much like having two rehearsal dinners, and that seemed pointless. All of this was going to take place in Annapolis, but then we (or should I say I...I think I've made most of these discoveries and tell Ben about them later, I hope that's okay with him...hmm) realized how many $$$$$$$$$$$$$ that was going to deprive our future children's college funds of, so it was back to the drawing board.

I've sworn off getting my heart set on any other elements of the wedding (besides the groom, of course) until we have a venue. But it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it. This past week, I saw something in Rue Magazine (Issue 5/ May-June) about this couple who had a modern variety show themed party in lieu of a wedding reception and it sounded so cool, I thought it would be a good idea.
It played out like this when I suggested it to Ben:

Me: So my newest plan for our wedding is to find a venue that doesn't cost anything so we can put our budget towards hiring a caricature artist and maybe a magician...
Ben:  You do know that you're planning our wedding and not a seven year old's birthday party???

Yeah, it crashed and burned. Sorry if we're friends on Facebook and you had to relive that ridiculousness again.

But don't worry, it gets even better.

My sister suggested that she could twist balloons for our guests and make flower balloon hats for the wedding party, and a former camp counselor suggested that we sing camp songs, and then my best friend weighed in and connected magic and balloon animals with Harry Potter.

Why yes, a Harry Potter themed wedding where the bridesmaids sit around a campfire singing in their flower balloon hats is everything I've ever dreamed of. If my wedding were on Halloween (which I'm almost positive would be vetoed by my mother anyway because she hates Halloween and only let us trick or treat at our own house, in spite of the fact that my grandmother made us the most spectacular American doll/dog/tiger/Statue of Liberty costumes each year, which was a waste of a perfectly good costume in my book...but I digress). The only thing I know for sure is that if I have to get married on Halloween, I'm going as a bride.

I think Ben would like nothing more than to elope. If he still wants to marry me at all, since I am clearly incapable of planning adult affairs.

So in addition to activities that are fun for five-year-olds, here are the other things I'm hearting right now.

this week's hearts go out to...
*Spotify. iTunes + Pandora = Spotify. I'm discovering all types of new artists...for FREE. And it's legal. I've tried to convince Ben that there are two ways you get remembered - you have to do something first or you have to do it the best. Spotify is what happens when you do it the best.  If you like music, go get it. (It's brand new in the U.S. so you have to request an invitation, but it only took a day for mine to pop into my inbox).

*My brand spanking new iMac! I finally took the plunge...and it has been 500% worth it so far.

*Moving. It's taken me a few weeks to get life back in order, but now that it is...nothing could be better. Our new apartment feels bigger and has more light...and we have a darling little glass sunporch that calls my name all day. I am in rental heaven!

*Cherries! You are yummy and need to be in my belly...

That was a lot! Have a fabulous weekend friends! (And if you think of any thing else I should do at my wedding to make it extra fun, please let me know. I heart advice...clearly I could use it!)

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