Friday, June 24, 2011

Aslan Update

He wanted to make sure he wasn't forgotten.

He gets concerned if I go to long without a post dedicated to him. He's self-centered that way. So I promised him that I would take his picture and make sure that his fans stayed up-to-date on the latest happenings in his life.

Momma has a new renewed obsession with wedding magazines, so Aslan is giving his input into how he thinks this wedding should go. He's already volunteered to be the ring bearer, but unfortunately, Dad shot that down. So instead, he's trying to push for a honeymoon to Niagra Falls - it's just like the faucet fountain at his house only bigger, which of course makes it better. He can't wait to stick his head under it and lap up all the water.

And when he's done absorbing the wedding magazines by laying on them, he tries to figure out what's so funny about that Tina Fey lady that Mom spent hours with - instead of spending hours brushing him. At least he has plenty of reading for his lazy summer days.

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