Thursday, June 23, 2011

Annapolis Again

I never really intended to document Annapolis all the time. Or its flowers. But I'm making an effort to take my camera with me everywhere, to get lllloootttsss of practice. And I can't help but snap a few. And no matter which direction I point my camera, it seems to redirect itself to flowers. Or sailboats.

Whereas in most other towns, parents send their kids to art camp or sports camp, the Annapolitans believe in sailing camp. It's not summer until you see the miniature sailboats with miniature captains floating leisurely across the Severn River. While I think it would be fun, I'm pretty sure this kid is wishing his parents had sent him to sports camp instead...

And just because, here's one more with flowers...I think it's the colors. I'm always drawn to the colors.

Happy Thursday!

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