Monday, May 23, 2011

iPhone Photo Monday: Blue

When I saw this lighted blue circle, I think I decided that I wanted one for Christmas. For my own backyard.

We decided to go out Friday night, because we never do it and we needed to make ourselves more interesting. Really. A typical end of the week celebration involves me, Ben, the couch and the TV. The lame part is that the majority of the interaction comes from the inanimate objects in that group - the sofa and the tube. Seriously, we rock the bottom end of the fun-o-meter.

Even though we are probably closer in proximity when we're curled up under fleece blankets (for me, that continues into the summer), going out to a noisy restaurant on a busy Friday night brings us closer in our relationship. I'm not sure if it's the gigantic change of scenery, or the fact that there's nothing else to do but talk as you wait the what-seems-like-hours-but-is-probably-a-few-minutes for your food. Or maybe it's the pre-dinner cocktails that we both know are a bad idea because we haven't eaten anything in hours and they go straight to our heads and we open up about what's really going on in our lives. Or maybe it's turning off the TV and finding we do still have things to talk about after 8 years.

Either way, it makes me about as happy as this blue circle. In fact, I'd rather have deep conversations than a blue circle to treasure forever any day of the year.

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