Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amazing Pet Photographer.

Maybe if the wedding/engagement thing doesn't work out, I have a future as a pet photographer.

And speaking of pet photographers, I have a serious photographer crush on this guy. His name is Jesse Freidin. He takes pictures of dogs on film and Polaroids, and they are so. darn. cute. I can hardly stand it.

My favorites are definitely a series called The Poms. Fluffy eye cotton candy right there. Also, I think Aslan wants one. I caught him drooling over them.

Here's a sample that I borrowed from his website...maybe if you see a few pictures you'll go check him out, too, and fall in love.

BTdubs, these are The Poms.

And this is a little cutie called Gemo...such a sweetie.

And here's a sample of one of his Polaroids, from the Doggie Gaga Project:

Seriously, this guy has taken pet photography to a whole new level. Watch out blog friends, I like what I see. Aslan is getting ready for his next close-up!

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