Friday, May 27, 2011

Amy + Jason: Engaged

So this is it. The big reveal, that thing I've been bursting at the seams to put up. Not just because this is my baby sister, who I LOVE, but also because this is my first engagement shoot!

These pictures, to me, are so fun. It might have something to do with Amy and Jason and their wonderful ability to laugh - even when I'm dragging them through a mosquito infested park during a humid Maryland spring for a good hour and a half on empty stomachs (and if you need to know anything about my family, it's that we are not nice people when we're hungry - Jason, if you can remember this, and remember to always have snacks on hand, you both will have a happy and wonderful life together). And to make it even more interesting, I had this bright idea that we should also try to drive downtown ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. Hello, no parking. There's no parking on a normal Saturday night, and especially on the night when the Naval Academy is celebrating Ring Dance. There were all kinds of limos taking up my space and I was trying to park before the sun disappeared for the day. Fortunately for our pictures (and unfortunately for my followers) I know how to BOOK IT. And when I'm on a mission, well, the rest of the world had just better get out of the way!

Yep, we all agreed that at least it makes an interesting story.

Amy and Jason met at High Point University during their first semester of college. Jason remembers being in a class with Amy and the two of them being the only people waving their hands when the professors asked questions of the class. They became friends, and as they hung out with the same group of people, it quickly grew into more. They connected over their workouts and their faith. I've heard that the couple who prays together stays together and that the couple who works out together stays together, so it certainly sounds as if it's meant to be!

They came to Annapolis after a day full of other activities, so they got ready at my place. Aslan, of course, had to help with the proceedings.

And now, I promise, the rest of this is about Amy and Jason. And their feet. I have a thing for feet. And it's not as bad as it sounds, I swear.

Thinking she might need a wardrobe change once we were at the park, Amy brought along a handful of things, and then needed help carrying them...Jason was a good sport and offered to take her purse.



Our destination was the water at the far end of Quiet Waters park - I didn't remember how far the far side was. At least our journey took us past a gazebo and fountain, and we found some other fun things while we explored, too.

In case you didn't see it before, here's the ring...


 And here's what she was looking at...TURTLES!

We did finally find the Chesapeake at the end of the trail...and there were boats to play in.


On our way out of the park, we took a different path that had a fitness track, but we used it as a playground.



After a quick outfit change, we were able to catch the last strands of sunset down at the dock. And I'm so glad we ran to catch them, because they turned out SO. GORGEOUS. You guys rocked it, for real.

And this, y'all, is my favorite. You get a prize if you can figure out what inspired it.

Amy and Jason, hope you're enjoying Hawaii. If you ever decide to go back and want a photographer to document your travels, CALL ME. I love you guys!

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