Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Gawker

Last night, Ben brought home the url key to my heart.

I was in love at first sight. With the website.

And then I promptly told him that he could forget about using his computer for the rest of the evening.

Welcome to my favorite new obsession; its name is weddinggawker, and it is sucking hours out of my life. I should say, providing me hours of unbridled joy, however, my productivity levels have taken a nose dive since its introduction, so I'm not convinced that it is a positive influence. You can thank me later for sharing this twenty-something female happiness drug.

I was all of three clicks in when I found the perfect inspiration for my upcoming engagement shoot with Amy and Jason. Of course, I immediately posted it to her facebook wall. And the following pretty much sums up all the reasons I love my sister:

Anna: scroll down towards the bottom of this engagement shoot...i'm thinking we could do something similar for yours :o) 
Anna: p.s. would jason be willing to wear suspenders? 
Amy: umm... at first he said no. hahaha. because it's not normal. But I think he'd be willing to compromise :) and yes, those pictures at the bottom are like EXACTLY what i was thinking! guitar, books, picnic, and all. and maybe a set of dumbbells. just kidding. totally just kidding. 
Anna: or we can can have dumbells if i can have suspenders.
Amy: I don't want dumbbells in my engagement pictures. It will make Jason look cultured and sophisticated and me look like a meathead. No thank you.
Amy: P.s. and where do you suggest we buy suspenders?
Anna: where do you buy everything you own? {that would be Carolina Thrift - and she doesn't pay more than $10 for anything.} they should have suspenders - since in theory, they're not normal and probably something that would be readily thrifted. duh.  
Amy: oh, and also, no love books. philosophy books. and maybe his violin instead of guitar, since he plays that too. or maybe some of both.
Amy: at the same time. kidding. again. 
Anna: no pride and prejudice for you? it might be fitting. 
Amy: ‎??? because I'm proud or prejudiced 
Amy: hmm... i'll have to think of a book that's fitting for me. Or let me know if you think of something. 
Anna: harry potter, harry potter...ron, ron, ron weee-sley! 
Amy: DUMBLEDORE!!!!!! hahahaha :D
(I thought, very seriously, about deleting the part of that conversation where I brought up that ridiculous video, but then decided against it. Because, let's be honest, I watched the whole thing when I went to find and copy the link to share here, it's just that funny. Still. Even though I'm totally too old to be as in love with Harry Potter as I unashamedly am.)

By the way, if weddinggawker doesn't do it for you, there is also foodgawker, craftgawker, and dwellinggawker...and don't hate me when you no longer have free time either. I give you full permission to blame Ben.

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