Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ocean City

Well, hello, September!

It's a new month, so I'm treating it as a new beginning. I guess it's not really new anymore, being 13 days old, but since I just got back from vacation where time doesn't matter, it's new to me. I didn't really get to ring it in because I was pretending time was standing still.

And then I got home and all of a sudden it wasn't standing still anymore. Somebody hit the fast forward button, and I'm pretty sure I didn't approve it. But I guess that's how I usually live life...in the fast lane.

Except that I'll be trying to catch up for a little while here. And that's actually a good thing. Take my word for it.

I've been working on these for a while. The funny thing about sitting on pictures for some time is that when you take a look back at them, you realize that they may not have been as awesome as you thought because you've grown as a photographer since a month ago when you took them. Oh, you say that hasn't happened to you? Okay, well, that's what happened to me. So you'll just have to forgive these and come back to see the better stuff that came out of my camera afterwards.

I haven't been to Ocean City in y.e.a.r.s. Until a month ago. And the boardwalk has yet to change. Ah, a constant.

I also recently discovered that I have a thing for photographing fire hydrants. Maybe I'm destined to be a dog in my future life??? Let's hope not, for the fire hydrant's sake.

And now come my favorites from this round. Here I present you my future family, who are way too much fun and will always be infinitely cooler than me. Good thing though, because I am inherently boring and need some sparkly people to remind my old-ladyish self that I'm 24, not 84.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is hotter than a good Zoolander face. Remember this sage advice the next time you're having your picture taken, and it can not possibly turn out any other way than good.

Oh and did I mention we were on a boat? Yep. See, they make me cool.

You can't leave the beach without finding that perfect shell! I think we got it this time.

A rock skipping pro...

I was incredibly grateful to be able to get away for this mini vacay, and to spend time with the most wonderful future family a girl could ask for!

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