Friday, July 19, 2013

Makeover // Part 2

I decided to take a break from my usual Friday Second Shooter posting today to share a little bit more about the makeover that will be happening soon! Particularly, some logo and design options that didn't get used, but absolutely inspired the direction for the final product. All of these were inspired by the mood board that I shared a few weeks (months? I can't keep track of time right now) ago.

Usually, when I first take in an idea visually, I either love it or hate it and I rely heavily on my gut reactions to determine the next step.

It wasn't quite so easy when it came to this, but I think that turned out to be a good thing. Because, instead, I looked at each option that Breanna (who is, of course, incredible and I dearly loved working with her) created and really gave it some thought as to what I liked or didn't like about it. And that turned into a collaboration that pulled elements from several different concepts into one that turned out amazing.

So below are some of the pieces that I liked various parts of, and ultimately they each inspired something really freaking be coming very soon.

Happy Friday! Have a fabulous weekend my friends!

All designs by Breanna Rose

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