Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Styled. // 03

A bike. In black and white.

When Robin and Kenny started getting ideas for their engagement session, one of the pieces they wanted to include was Kenny's Harley. Unfortunately, it was in the shop the day we did their engagement photos, but still I thought it would be really fun to get some pictures of them doing what they love. So, once the bike was ready to go, we took a little evening jaunt down to Eastport to grab a few shots of them on the Harley. The classic styling of the bike gave everything a little bit of a retro flair, which made a black and white approach feel just right.

A side note: During my very first ever photography class that I took while I was in Italy, we went out into the streets of Perugia and loaded our cameras with film. Everyone in the class used that roll of film to work through a list of techniques, one of which was panning. It's one of those things you see in the movies all the time - where the camera moves with a moving subject so that the background is in motion but the subject is clear and in focus. I didn't do so well with it during that first experiment, and have tried it several times since, mostly on cars speeding down the road, and have never gotten it to true effect. Which is why I think I squealed with delight when I saw the image below on my camera screen during our shoot. Many thanks to Kenny for driving back and forth several times down the same block of the street to make it happen!

Happy Wednesday, and happy May 1st!

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