Friday, May 17, 2013

Second Shooter // 04

Earlier this week, I got to actually hang out with Dani - as in, not just to do work. We got some really yummy sushi (I tried eel for the first time and can say that I like it much better when it doesn't look like eel) and talked about some photography things and some not photography things, and it was totally awesome because she is a super fun person. Making new friends is a really good thing.

Another good thing was seeing how my photos fit in with hers when she puts everything together for her brides and grooms. Sometimes when I go through the photos from a wedding as the second photographer, it can be a little lackluster because I feel like I only have part of the story. And, it turns out, that's exactly how it should be. It means that I am capturing the details and the little side stories and when everything gets put together, it feels really complete and looks absolutely beautiful.

So this goofy guy below was my boyfriend for the day (shh...don't tell Ben). When it was time for him to walk down the aisle with the rings, he found me on the side and took my hand and I almost thought I was going to have to walk down with him...but fortunately his mom saved the day and saved me from becoming an impromptu member of the wedding party - the ring bearer's escort.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!!

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