Friday, May 24, 2013

Jazmine + Adam: An Annapolis Courthouse Wedding!

You guys, you guys...I am SO excited about this one! My friend Jazmine, the amazing stylist who helped with this shoot, and the love of her life tied the knot yesterday!

There's something so refreshing about a courthouse wedding...the spontaneity - there are no appointments - the intimacy of being surround by the very closest to your heart, and the simplicity of a courthouse chapel allow the emotions to take center stage. It's so obvious how much these two care about each other. I remember the first day that I met Jazmine, she told me that during her stint working in Bethesda, Adam would occasionally drive her to and pick her up from work - even during DC rush hour traffic, which would make his trip each way over two hours. My friends, that is true love.

Wishing so much love and happiness to Jazmine and Adam...hooray!!

And in even more exciting news, these two have a little one on the way. That baby is going to be so loved...and is destined to have some beautiful curly hair!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend friends! Go have an adventure!

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