Monday, March 4, 2013

Snapshot | February

Thank god it's March. I'm requesting some serious sunshine. That's all I have to say about that.

// What I did //

TAXES. For almost the first half of the month. So many things changed last year, including my +1 and his job, that pulling everything together took much longer than ever before. New goal for this year: buy some software. I also did some fun things, like celebrating two major birthdays and a retirement, and I met with a bunch of AMAZING couples...which led to booking half of my weddings for this year. Hooray!

// Goals accomplished //

Met up with a super fun photographer for coffee and made an instant BFF. She is adorably funny, an avid traveler, and generally makes the world a happier place. One step towards my goal of making new friends :0)

// What I read // 

A lot of magazines. Oops. I think a trip to the library is in order.

// What I loved //

The mashups of hit pop songs with goats (here's a hilarious roundup). I've started singing the goat versions in the shower, much to my husband's chagrin.

// What I'm working on //

Still that pesky website...goal is to have it done by the end of March. And travelling...just got back from a fabulous journey to NYC this past weekend that may or may not have given me some inspiration for a styled shoot. Oh, boy. Next weekend, it's off to Atlanta and Nashville and I can't freaking wait.

// What I watched //

I'm ashamed to admit this...but I got sucked in and watched all three seasons of Downton Abbey in a period of less than a week (not saying how much less). OMG. 1// What took me so long to jump on board? It fits so perfectly with my love of everything Jane Austen and 2// Why do I have to wait until next January to see more? I'm in love with these people and have decided that everything sounds more classy with a british accent. And how amazing are all of the castles? I want one.

// Who I added //

A few months ago, I pinned a picture of a chair from IKEA that I saw on Design*Sponge and fell in love with. I then went out and bought the chair. And then a few weeks ago, Nubby Twiglet shared this link in her Link Love column (always full of inspiration). I loved what I read in that post and decided to look further into the archives...and then came across that picture of that chair that I had fallen in love with, which is when I knew, without a doubt, that Jess Lively was a kindred spirit. I love getting her "Wish I Knew" email newsletters - they are like golden tickets in email form once a week. But what's even better is her mission of helping small business owners do things with intention, which is a message that fills my heart with happiness.

// Best cat photo of the month // 

Linksy got himself stuck in our coat tree.

Happy Monday!

Most of these photos were made by me. Here are links to the ones that are not // top left // bottom right //

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