Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Diary // 06

Is there anything more wonderfully DIY than a garden?

Last year, I wanted to find out the color of my thumb. Prior to receiving some succulents for my birthday, I think the only plant I had ever cared for was some lavender that came in a florist's basket that somebody sent one of my parents when I was seven. It died. But I don't really know if it was my fault for overwatering it or if it became lunch for one of our family cats. Maybe a little of both, but I wasn't convinced that it was a black mark against me.

I'm proud to say that four of the five succulent plants that I got last year are still alive, which I think gives my thumb fairly green hue. The one casualty was my sweet little cactus that died while we were away on our honeymoon, although it wasn't looking so good in the weeks before, leaning like the famous Italian tower until it fell over, completely horizontal. After the painful experience of planting it using makeshift paper-towel mittens that got stuck in the hooks (and removing the paper from the cactus spines was not an adventure I'd like to repeat), I'm not so sure I'll be replacing it this year. I also can't say much for the basil plant we bought on a whim from the grocery store that turned into brown stalks over the winter, but since Ben was primarily responsible for that plant, I don't think it counts against my mostly positive record.

Once we finish our major kitchen project, I can't wait to add to our outdoor oasis. Although we don't have a yard, we make good use of our sunroom during the spring, summer, and fall. Any plants that we decide to add will have to be in pots, and I think I've found just the ones:

Make your own planters:

1 // Hanging plant shelf // 2 // Gold rimmed terracotta pots // 3 // Dipped cement planters
(Okay, so the hanging plant shelf doesn't actually have instructions, but that would be so easy. Buy a board. Buy some hemp. Buy hanging hardware that works with your walls. Tie it up, you're done. Boom.)

Or buy and fill with your own plants (succulents are easy to care for and look good too):

4 // Metallic cement planters // 5 // Faceted hanging planters

Any of these would be beautiful on a patio, or even individually on a shelf or table to bring some of the outdoors in. Either way, a garden is your own little happy place, and putting plants in pots is a very easy, doable DIY project for a spring weekend!

*Also, how cute would the metallic cement planters look as centerpieces for a wedding? You could totally make them yourself if you wanted. Just sayin'*

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