Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY Diary // 04

Latest obsession: giant paper flowers. Like so, see above. I want to pull that off.

I used to think I wasn't a flower person (kind of like that time I thought I wasn't a pink person...). But then spring rolls around and I find flowers on my mind and in my pictures a lot. That, and I am obsessed with flowers used as a statement, to add a sense of style, and I can't help but feel uplifted when I see a pop of color or a graceful petal that beautifies a space or a place or a celebration. This past week while in Nashville, I was even compelled to stop into a cute little store upon seeing gigantic flowers in the window.

And, I love it when my husband (or anyone, really) sends me flowers. I will always remember the Valentine's day that I got a surprise delivery of tulips from my dad. It might have just been the best gift he ever gave me...something that was completely unexpected, I wouldn't do for myself, but let everyone know how much he cared. There is no better feeling than being the recipient of thoughtfulness and love.

Problem is, I have furry children who eat flowers like cupcakes. Keeping live flowers in the house is a luxury that can be dangerous to them, so we, sadly, avoid it as much as possible. Although live flowers have a special energy all their own, I've seen a whole bunch of DIY paper options floating around over the past few months and am thinking of trying to make some flowers for the house to bring in the beauty of spring.

So here's a little roundup of some fabulous looking DIY flowers for you to make one or bring joy into your home for spring, or to save and make the next time you need something to make a celebration extra joyful.

Clockwise from top left: Water color paper flowers // Giant paper rose // Coffee filter rose // Giant tissue paper flower

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