Monday, February 18, 2013

The Experience: PASS

My husband, the master web programmer, does not understand my love of things that are magic.

I love things that just work, and I don't have to think about it. Like the internet and its latest trick, the cloud. I like to imagine that all of my electronic stuff is just floating up above me in a big white fluffy castle, waiting for me to call it down and never be lost again. Because it has happened before, and it wasn't pretty, that day that I lost everything due to harddrive failure.

After college, I conveniently stored my portable backup hard drive in my purse, because that was how I carried everything I needed on a daily basis. I have since upgraded my purse for an iPhone, but back in the day, the big giant purse that held everything-but-the-kitchen-sink was how all the cool kids toted around their life. However, hard drives are delicate creatures and living in my purse, getting jostled around for multiple hours a day, caused mine to have an early death. But I did not fear, because my backup had a backup. Until the backup died, too, during a move. And then all of my files, papers and pictures and mp3s, were lost to the black hole of dead technology, relegating all of my young adulthood memories to Facebook, which I'm sure will come back to haunt me later.

Which is why I'm now a huge fan of the cloud. And why I'm making sure that all of my photographs that I take for my clients have a home there in a little castle of their own called PASS.

//WHAT IS PASS?// PASS looks like an ordinary online gallery, but it has superpowers. After a photo session, the easiest way for people to see their photos is to have a nice little webpage where all of the images are laid out for viewing. You can provide a link so that family and friends can go there too, to see how beautiful and amazing everyone looks. But with most online galleries, that's where the interaction can click through the pictures when you're sitting at your computer and maybe order some printed copies.

With PASS, you can enter in the gallery url to see the online gallery whenever you are on the internet, and you can also download the PASS app for your computer and iPhone to take your images with you where ever you go. Pretty soon you'll also be able to order prints directly from the PASS app as well. There's also a direct link to Facebook so that you can put your favorites into a Facebook album without having to wait for all those photos to upload. But my favorite feature is this: PASS eliminates the need for a DVD, flash drive, or hard drive for delivery of your pictures. If you have included the option, PASS allows you to download all of your images right away, no waiting to receive the files in the mail. How's that for instant gratification???

AND...the best part - you don't have to worry about misplacing your DVD or flash drive, or worse, hard drive failure. The images are stored in your gallery forever. A year of access is included with all of my photography packages, which is plenty of time to download the gallery, but if something happens to your images after a year, the gallery can be reinstated at any point in time so that you can have access to  your pictures again. All you have to do is ask!

Oh, and by the way, PASS is a service I love because they make it easier for me to do my job, they love photographers, and they have amazing customer support. They have no idea I wrote this post, but I wanted to share my love for PASS because how you get your images is an important part of any conversation about doing a photo session. So now you know :0).

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