Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Furry Valentines

We spent months talking about whether or not we should add another (furry) member to our family. I was afraid that it would be too expensive, too much work, and not enough love. How wrong I was. Love can only be multiplied, not divided.

I can't imagine not having a family of four now. My boys - all three - are my favorite "people" in the whole world. They make me smile and laugh every day and I love sharing my life with my silly family/coworkers.

A long time ago, probably when I was a freshman in high school and just starting to crush on boys, my mom warned me against falling in love with anyone who didn't love cats. Whatever, mom, I know I thought, it's just high school. I brushed her off, thinking she was crazy and ridiculous...and then fell head over heals in love only a year later with someone who quite possibly loves cats more than I do and ultimately spending the rest of my life with him. I guess I lucked out. Seeing how he loves on our furry children (see exhibit A above) brings me so much joy and is one of my favorite things about my husband. I guess my mom might have known what she was talking about. Okay fine, I'll say were right, Mom.

Happy Valentine's day to the three loves of my life...and let's keep having the family snuggles. I like them a lot :0).

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