Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A White Christmas

This being my first Christmas not in hell retail, I decided back in June when I left that I was going to thoroughly enjoy the holidays and relax with family and friends as much as possible. Mother Nature must have known that I am the worst at doing a whole lot of nothing (I can't sit still to save my life, which is why I attempted to squeeze four meals/celebrations into Christmas day), so she kindly decided to dump a bucketload of snow on my families' homes both before and after Christmas to make sure that I would have no choice but to fulfill my promise of lounging through the holidays.

However, the child in me cannot stay out of the falling snow, which is why on Christmas Eve, you might have seen my sister, brother-in-law, and me doing hill sprints up the side of the mountain as the snow came down around and on us. And why I've been running outside to take pictures of the beautiful white Christmas that seems to only come during the most magical and special of Christmases...and that made this one of the most beautiful Christmases of all.

May you and your families have a relaxing holiday week and enjoy the beauty of your wintery surroundings!

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