Thursday, December 6, 2012

A new puppy for Kathryn and Jeff!

They say getting a puppy is a test for having a baby...which let me tell you...once you get married, EVERYONE and their grandmother wants to know when that will happen - the baby that is, not the puppy. I've spent years trying to convince my family that our cat is our child, of course to no avail, because the instant we stepped foot in the house for Thanksgiving, someone (definitely an aunt) wanted to know when the baby would be on the way. Sigh.

Our good friends Kathryn and Jeff have been waiting to get their sweet Alaskan Malamute, Dude, for almost as long as it takes to have a baby. And for now, he is certainly the new love of their lives. We got to do a fun holiday-inspired portrait session at the Kinder Farm Park with this bundle of cuteness the day after he came home. At only 8 weeks, Dude was super fluffy and soft and sweet. And a little tired from all of his new adventures, which made him extra photogenic!

For new parents, I've heard it's love at first sight...which I think comes even easier when your first child is a puppy. How can you not love that cotton ball fur, those sweet eyes and lickable kisses?!

Get ready to be bowled over by all of this cuteness...

Hooray puppies!

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