Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stephanie + Will: Engaged!

Stephanie and Will are two of the sweetest, calmest, and secretly adventurous people who have ever stepped in front of my camera.

They met while Stephanie was in college; a friend knew a friend, phone numbers were exchanged, they got to talking and met each other for the first time at a bar. They went to the bar with some mutual friends, and each left thinking they may have found their best friend - for life. Will is an EMT and firefighter at the busiest station in Delaware and Stephanie is an athletic trainer for a college boy's soccer team - with two crazy schedules, they treasure their time together immensely. When they're not saving lives, they love to cuddle up with two spoons and a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, enjoying each other's company and the sweetness of ice cream and love.

A wedding is planned for July of next year, but Stephanie wanted to do an engagement session, and when she mentioned that Will is a firefighter, I knew the perfect place to start their photos. Little did I know that there would be surprises in store! 

We started off at the famed Waterwitch Hose and Ladder Company...

And then took a fun stroll around downtown. I love Annapolis for all of it's fun locations and variety of front steps in front of the colorful houses. We utilized many a strangers' stoop, and thankfully no angry housewife came along to shoo us away!

We also happened upon the State House, aka the Capitol, and the light in front of it was TO DIE FOR. I love the long stretches of evening makes for such beautiful photos!

So when I said that these two were secretly adventurous...this is where we get to that. Even though they are sweet and have a quiet calm about them, they would do anything I asked. I mean anything. Will had  turned his ankle a few days before, but he was such a trooper walking all over the city...and then he didn't even hesitate when I asked if he could put Stephanie on his back for a short piggy-back ride. THAT IS DEDICATION, peeps.

After all that walking, we were famished, so we grabbed some of their favorite treat - ice cream - at the Annapolis Creamery and walked down to the dock to finish up their session...

But while we were sitting and finishing our ice cream cones (well, they were eating...I was obnoxiously taking pictures of them with their mouths full), a man in one of the boats waved me over and asked if we wanted to take a ride! It was such a simple act of kindness - he said he had to take the boat out one last time before turning in for the night and it was always more fun with company, so he would love for us to join him. Stephanie and Will eagerly agreed, so we rode off into the sunset.

Stephanie and Will even got the chance to drive the boat...and were talking about needing one of their own.

Stephanie and Will - thank you so much for being so willing to come to Annapolis and go on a spontaneous adventure with me! You two are so sweet and have such a gentle love for one another - I'm sure your wedding next summer will be beautiful!


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