Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I've realized my lifelong dream of making every morning Christmas morning.

The secret? Hold your panties...I'm getting there.

Here it is...ONLINE SHOPPING. Your credit card might not thank you, but your inner child will!

If we're facebook friends (and if we're not...go fix that! I'll wait until you get back) you may have seen that I recently added a new child into my photo family. I have a lot of weddings coming up over the next few months (including MY did we get here??? I think there might be a post on that in the works, since I haven't talked much about it over here), and after getting Ben's logical opinion (I always need someone logical - I'm way too emotional and think that everything is a need!), decided that now was the time to bring in the big guns. So I did it...I bought the most expensive piece of equipment I might ever buy...the highly critically acclaimed, most trusted of all lenses, the f/2.8 70-200mm. For you non-photogs out there (which I think is everyone since the only people who I know are reading this are my mom and my sister...if you're not either of those two, can I get a woohoo! so I know you're out there?), this is THE lens for wedding photographers. It's like dessert after every meal (which I'm trying not to indulge in these to fit into that special white dress!). I usually rent it, but after being called to second shoot in an emergency without the time to place an order, decided that it is absolutely essential to my collection.

I have to say, the service at Adorama is stellar...I placed my order around 5:00 yesterday, and it was delivered today, even though I chose the free, 7-10 day, shipping option. That makes them winners in my book!

Oh, and speaking of Christmas morning, someone is getting a special gift in the mail! I've upgraded my packaging to reflect my love of glitter! I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with it - I would be THRILLED to get this in the mail...just sayin. The glitter wrapping paper and the ribbon bow make a plain old disc a little more lovely.

Happy Wednesday!

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