Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Truths for Mature Humans

The other day at my "real" job, I went to send an email thanking a coworker for something they did. I typed my message: Thank you so much! You rock! Except that because there was some glitch in the system I suck at using email, a second after sending it, I saw a little (1) next to my inbox and was pleasantly surprised to get a message that said Thank you so much! You rock!

Yes, I thought to myself. I do rock. Don't mind if I do send myself a positive message every now and then. It's good for my soul.

Today I found this. It was also good for my soul. And I thought it might be good for yours too.

Also, I can vouch for #29. I recently did that. And fell out of the chair...just as someone else walked past the door and saw me hit the floor. 

Some things will never change.

Found via Pinterest.

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  1. I really want a sarcasm font : ) That would make my life so much better!