Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Tis the Season

Spring is most favorite season, followed closely by Christmas.

In my world, Christmas is its own season. It might have something to do with my day job. Christmas began there on September 15th, on the day I unboxed my first Christmas ornament of the year. The next day I treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte, even if it was 70 degrees outside, because that's what I do to ring in the season.

I bought my ornaments in October. And it was before Halloween thank-you-very-much. Two weeks ago, we went out to buy an artificial tree, to avoid the debacle that was the Christmas Tree Disaster of 2010, which involved an antique heirloom artificial tree (read: decrepit tree from a parent's attic that's stand went missing circa 1970 and refused to stay straight in a modern tree stand) and our dear furry child (read: greedy demon monster who believes all ornaments belong to him and will go to all lengths to destroy them with his gnashing teeth and gnarly talons). Let's just say that by the end of the holiday season, the top of the tree was dressed to the nines with holiday goodness...and the bottom was naked. It also may have found a horizontal resting place on the floor at one point in time, tipsy with too much holiday joy and bowled over by our sweet little ornament thief in his quest to destroy every last one. I think that was when I gave up and packed it all away to try again in a year.

So this year we hauled ourselves to Target to get a tree that might withstand Aslan's advances. We put it up in the days before Thanksgiving, and decorated it over the weekend. Everything was gravy until we noticed that the bottom branches were drooping as if they had held too much weight. And that was when the Christmas Tree was promptly moved to the sunroom, where it would be protected by double paned glass doors from the menace who will not leave it alone.

Of all the things I have trouble designing, my Christmas tree is not one. Each ornament on it I love and cherish. As we were decorating it, I apologized to Ben that it may scream me more than it reflects him. He seemed to be okay with that.

Oh, and if you haven't discovered it already, I now have a real Facebook page just for photography. Finally! I've been trying to post extra exciting stuff there too.

Happy Last Day of November!

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