Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Plans

Last weekend we were lazy. The evidence is in the post below.

This weekend, we are jam-packed full o' fun. Saturday will be filled with festivities for a good friend's wedding (and you know there will be pictures to come!). From the wedding, we will go directly (not passing go, although $200 might be nice) to the beach for some R&R and family time. Again, there will (hopefully) be some photographic evidence of all this crazy fun.

And my plans for fun on the beach include those three beautiful library books on the right in the picture above. Aslan, however, has no place in my plans, but decided he needed to be in my picture and wouldn't get out, even when I asked politely. I even tried to tell him I was going to pick the ugliest picture of him and put it on the blog, but he just looked straight at me and refused to take a bad one. *Sigh*

Oh, and if you look closely (and my pride secretly hopes you don't), you'll see the words Sweet Valley on the spine of one of those books. Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. I don't know what you did with your summers as a kid, but my sister, my best friend, and I all spent them reading the Sweet Valley Twins series. Jessica and Elizabeth took us on the best adventures...and I'm pretty sure they were the reason we completed the summer reading challenge EVERY summer at the local library. When I saw this on the "NEW" shelf at my local library today, I hesitated before deciding it might just be the perfect beach read. If nothing else, it will take me back to those sweet summer days of no school and hours to spend in an imaginary world where a set of blond twins were my best friends.

Cheers to a fabulous and relaxing weekend!

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