Monday, July 4, 2011


Um, hello? Are you still there?

Uh, I'm not sure where the time went. All of a sudden a week has passed and I don't know how that happened. And while we're at it...the month of June? I thought I could still squeeze in a few more posts for the month, and then I went to upload my pictures and realized it's July? Really? I think the universe is playing tricks on me.

Time is weird that way. It feels like we just moved into our first apartment together yesterday, but it's already been a year and a month and we're getting ready to move into our second apartment together. I didn't think I would be sad about leaving our humble little abode (and it is humble, let me assure you...which is exactly why I didn't expect to be very sad), but I suppose one can only have a single "first apartment together..."

We will be done with first homes for awhile until we decide to buy our first house. And no, rumor mill, you may not get going on that one. Just like kids, it's going to be a few years. And by few I mean no less than 20. Ha. So don't even think about it.

Not much of moving is very photogenic. In fact, I would rather not share the current state of our living quarters with the is a maze of boxes and things that still need to find boxes and general disarray that no one should be subjected to. I've always maintained that I need to move at least once a year in order to cleanse my life of all of the extraneous stuff that seeps into it in a year. I then swear off buying things we don't need...but somehow by the end of another year, there still seem to be a lot of those things. I just don't remember buying them. My only thought as to how it appeared is that Ben went shopping without me. But he doesn't remember either.

One moment, however, struck me as worth remembering. It's small and insignificant, as most of them are. Ben was cleaning out his closet and came across a plastic baggy with all of his spare change from the past year stored in it. Naturally, he picked it up...and it burst open, spilling coins like confetti all over the contents of his closet. Deciding that replacing the bag would not be a worthwhile pursuit, he sent me on a hunt for a more suitable container...and I happened to remember my favorite unuseful-till-this-moment object.

We spent a nice chunk of our morning doing this...

And no, don't think that this is worth much...but someday it could turn into our wedding fund...

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