Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Post Process

Since buying my photo editing software, I'm afraid I've been having a little too much fun.

And that's probably the biggest rookie photographer mistake. I have been trying SO. HARD. to avoid all the rookie photographer mistakes. Because I am a perfectionist and need to do it perfect the first time. Even though this is at odds with my resolution to enjoy the exploration. (And yes, I fight with myself ALL. THE. TIME. just like that).

Here is my latest example, in a series of three images.

This is the image SOOC (straight out of camera).

Here it is, still natural looking, just more contrasty.

Really, that would have been perfect. I like it this way. It feels timeless, classic, nice.

And then I had to go and play. So this is what I decided to put on my blog (and, subsequently, took it off...keep reading and I'll explain).

The thing is, there really isn't anything wrong with it. But is it my style? I'm not sure. It has a fun, funky vibe to it...kind of vintage/experimental.

Branding myself is one of the things I'm attempting to figure out. It's my next goal for this photography adventure I'm taking. These are the questions I'm asking myself - what I like, what I don't, who am I in this role? They are not easy questions to answer. And sometimes I discover more through these mistakes than I do by not making them.

But that is part of the exploration, I suppose. I'm doing lots of it, because that is the only way to determine what works...and who I want to be as a photographer.

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